Business For SA calls for review of govt vaccination plans

File: A healthcare worker fills a syringe from a vial with a dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. AFP/Phill Magakoe

JOHANNESBURG - Business for SA wants elderly people inoculated against COVID-19 before essential workers.

It's urging the government to review its plans for the second phase of vaccinations.

Phase 1 prioritises an estimated 1,2 million health-care workers.

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Phase2 will cover people older than 60, adults, with co-morbidities and essential workers.

The business grouping says age should be the predominant factor in determining the hierarchical rollout.

It says an expected vaccine crunch between April and June supports its case.

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Stavros Nicolaou, chair of the Business for South Africa health working group said: "Our overarching objective should be to reduce the mortality rate and not overcharge our hospitals for the third wave. That means there is a good case to be made, for the elderly and those that have co-morbidities.

"Most of the adults have co-morbidities. Those that have compromised immune systems are the ones that should be prioritized in any vaccine. That is what we are saying".


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