CAA welcomes Comair decision to ground MAX 8

Comair, which operates British Airways and Kulula in South Africa, has made an about-turn. It’s now decided to ground the Boeing 737 Max 8 in its fleet.

JOHANNESBURG - The South African Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has welcomed the decision by Comair -- which operates British Airways and Kulula in South Africa -- to ground the Boeing 737 MAX 8 in its fleet.

The move follows Sunday's devastating Ethiopian Airlines crash in which 157 people died.

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The operator first announced it would keep the embattled aircraft flying but concerns from customers and crew members saw management change that initial decision.

The company says the safety and confidence of its customers and crew remains a priority.

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Aircraft manufacturer Boeing faces heavy scrutiny over the safety of its 737 MAX 8 jet as several carriers around the world grounded the planes.

In a statement released on Sunday, Boeing said they have sent a team to provide assistance at the crash scene.

Ethiopian Airlines has confirmed that the black box and the cockpit voice recorder had both been recovered from the wreckage.


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