Calls for improved policing in Yeoville

A discussion on community safety and enhancing police in Yeoville. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - The Yeoville community has outed suspected corrupt police officers, during a community safety engagement in the area.

Topics of discussion also included enhancing police activity in the Johannesburg suburb.

Community Members have raised complaints about illegal foreign nationals, hijacked buildings and alleged mismanagement of the Yeoville police department.

Police Minister General Bheki Cele, his Home Affairs counterpart, Aaron Motsoaledi and Joburg Public Safety were in attendance.

The meeting follows Cele's walkabout in the streets of Yeoville last week.

Motsoaledi responded to allegations of illegal foreign nationals.

"What I heard them saying was that please apply the laws that are already there that deal with issues of immigration where everybody is documented, if someone has committed crime whether South African or foreign they must be arrested," Motsoaledi said.

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Cele, who was a keynote speaker at the event, says the community engagement was thorough and effective.

"It was a good repose from the people who came here, they so much wanted to talk to an extent that they even forgot that they gave us a memorandum,” Cele said.

“It tells us that a community that is active will always find a solution.

“We appreciate it and that's why we are coming back here."

The community presented a memorandum to the police department.

The note also included a list of suspected corrupt police officers.

Cele has promised that his department will host another community engagement as soon as investigations are concluded.

eNCA reporter Ditiro Selepe attended the engagement and has more details in the video above.