Cape nurse retires after 45 years, without taking leave

Sister Colleen Grehan has been a nurse for most of her life. She retired on Thursday but nursing has been her life's calling.

JOHANNESBURG - Sister Colleen Grehan at Groote Schuur Hospital has been a nurse for most of her life and she's never taken leave.

An expert in complex wound care, she's saved many lives – and treated on average 270 patients a month.

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Sister Grehan has to officially step down now but has no plans to stop doing what she loves as she still has plans to do community nursing. 

"When I was small when anything happened they called me, at school they called and people say this followed me, you didn’t choose nursing. It called me.  And I think that sticks with you.”

Sister Grehan is meticulous, a stickler for doing things the right way.

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She has deep empathy as solid and sensible as her shoes, she has the ability to make her patients feel like everything will be alright.

eNCA's Annika Larsen spoke to a Sister Grehan at Groote Schuur Hospital on her last day at work.


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