Cape Town the 'most dangerous city' in SA

You're more likely to be killed, robbed or have your home broken into in Cape Town than anywhere else in the country.

CAPE TOWN - Residents of the City of Cape Town are the most likely to be victims of crime in the country according to a new report.

The State of Urban Safety in South Africa report compiled by the South African Cities Network, uses the national 2017/18 statistics with overlaid data sets to tell the story of urban crime.

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The country's crime stats consistently show that violent crime is disproportionately concentrated in metros, larger cities and towns.

Researcher Siphelele Ngobese from the SA Cities Network said the national crime statistics don't tell the entire story of crime in urban areas.

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Ngobese said there are interventions to be made on policy and practical level to prevent crime.

She said interventions should be space specific. For example, in Cape Town crime drivers were related to alcoholism and substance abuse, so the interventions should be focused on these factors.

Ngobese hoped the government would move beyond law enforcement interventions alone in formulating policy aimed towards crime prevention.