Cape Town taxi drivers vow not to pay fines amounting to millions

JOHANNESBURG - There was chaos on the streets of Cape Town on Friday.

Taxi drivers blocked major routes demanding authorities to scrap the fines they were issued/given for breaking the law.

They owe the City of Cape Town more than R30 million in fines.

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The drivers blocked the roads to protest against what they say is unfair treatment by City of Cape Town traffic officials.

They're upset about fines and warrants of arrests issued for them. 

Some people took more than an hour to get home on a trip that would normally take 15 minutes.

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“Why are we breaking the rules because we need attention from the provincial government. They do not listen to us so the best way is to block the roads,” said taxi driver, Olwethu Xaba.

But traffic officials went head-to-head with taxi drivers, and with the help of the police, impounded scores of taxis that were blocking roads. 

The drivers, however, say they're not going to pay their fines because they simply can’t afford to on their wages

The City of Cape Town’s JP Smith says the law applies equally to everyone and if some are able to abide by it, why can’t taxi drivers?


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