Catzavelos reaches settlement with SAHRC

Adam Catzavelos has reached a settlement with the SA Human Rights Commission. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - Adam Catzavelos has reached a settlement with the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC).

Catzavelos apologised for his rants and has agreed to pay R150 000 to a charitable organisation promoting social cohesion.

He will pay R5,000 for over 30 months.

“I Adam Catzavelos acknowledge and admit that I, on the 12th day of August 2018, made a selfie video of myself whilst on a beach on holiday in Greece where I made a racial slur, using the “k” word with reference to black South Africans in general. When I watch the video, not by choice I may add but because in certain circumstances I have had to, for example with my lawyers, I am truly disgusted, horrified and ashamed of my behaviour. I now, more than ever, in the course of having to confront and take responsibility for my actions, which has forced me to consider deeply issues such as dignity and humanity, am acutely aware of how profoundly dehumanizing and hurtful it must be for black South Africans to be referred to by the ‘k” word with all its connotations, who a mere 24 years ago were liberated from centuries of enslavement, colonisation and subjugation and oppression,” read his apology.

Last year, a video of him using the k-word on a Greek beach went viral on social media. 

A moment of madness: Catzavelos on k-word rant

Earlier this month, the SAHCR case in the Equality Court was postponed after the magistrate recused himself because of ties to Catzavelos's lawyer.

Greek authorities are pursuing charges based on its recently strengthened anti-racism law.


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