Central Karoo District mayor Gayton McKenzie makes big promises

eNCA's Ronald Masinda spoke to Gayton McKenzie. Courtesy #DStv403

BEAUFORT WEST - The Patriotic Alliance’s Gayton McKenzie says he's going to show South African politicians how to lead from the front.

The new mayor of the Central Karoo District Municipality says he will resign after 100 days in office if he doesn't manage to improve the lives of people from the Karoo.

McKenzie says he will do more during his 100 days in office than any mayor will achieve during their term in office at any municipality.

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McKenzie says he's been rectifying problems here in just nine days as mayor.                 

The Patriotic Alliance leader pledged to give all of his salaries to the poor as well as give up all perks as mayor and it seems that he already has the public’s support.    

The ex-convict turned business magnate also weighed in on recent tensions in Eldorado Park. He says that he helped the situation there not spiral out of control.    


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