Chinese police chop JMPD into shape

Johannesburg's metro police will work with the Chinese Police College to train members.

JOHANNESBURG - Johannesburg has taken its anti-crime crusade to a new level.

Chinese policing experts are in town to sharpen the Johannesburg Metro Police Department's (JMPD) crime-fighting skills.

It's an intense programme involving well-planned strategies on unarmed defence and control, fist attack, frisk and search skills, as well as other key tactics.

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The JMPD says this training will go a long way in protecting residents and improving service delivery.

"The training for our officers has been a huge benefit for us and we are grateful to these instructors from China," said JMPD spokesperson Wayne Minnaar.

There's also an undertaking that the project won't just end here, but will be sustained in future.

It's been a hard two weeks, but these officers say fighting crime is of paramount importance and they mean business.