WATCH | Joburg to upgrade prepaid electricity meters

The City of Johannesburg is preparing to roll out a new system for its prepaid electricity system. City of Joburg Infrastructure MMC Michael Sun has more. #dstv403

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JOHANNESBURG - Johannesburg residents using prepaid electricity will have to ensure their system is updated by the metro.

Voucher sequences for the one currently in use will no longer be valid after November 2024.

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This means the system will not recognise tokens purchased after this date.

Both Joburg and Tshwane are updating their prepaid electricity meters this year.

The city says all customers will be moved to a prepaid system as part of a multi-year project.

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"We have experienced challenges, especially where there was not sufficient communications and public participation is very important," says CoJ Infrastructure MMC, Michael Sun.

"We'll certainly be rolling out a programme where we go to areas and explain to customers and residents what needs to be done and answer their questions."

Sun says City Power officials will go engage residents and ward councillors will lead the process.

Watch the video above for more details.



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