Close to half a billion people vaccinated globally

Global vaccination campaign

Global vaccination campaign


JOHANNESBURG - Vaccination campaigns around the world are well up to speed.

Close to half a billion people have received jabs, with over 11-million shots being given daily.

The United  States is still leading the way, with over 125-million people vaccinated, followed by China, with close to 75-million people.

The EU is approaching 60-million doses administered, and the United Kingdom just over 30 million.

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Many European countries are imposing new lockdowns with growing fears of another wave of infections.

India has also picked up speed, with over 47-million people vaccinated.

South Africa is still in the first phase of its vaccinations, and behind schedule to cover a million people by the end of April.

182,983 frontline workers have received the jab.

This as government warns of a possible third wave of infections.


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