Concern over proposed changes to Meat Safety Act

Concerns are high over the proposed amendment of the meat safety act, to allow for the inclusion of endangered wildlife species. The Department of Agriculture says the proposal is to allow for regulators to control how animals are slaughtered. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - The public has until Tuesday to submit their comments on the proposed amendments to the meat safety act.

Government is proposing that endangered wild species be included in the act and for regulators to control how animals are slaughtered.

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One meat expert says amending the act will ensure better control of meat safety.

"In terms of what happened in the last couple of years, game meat was utilised in many and various ways.

"To date, we didn't have any control in terms of the safe provision of this unique and can I be blaise enough to say, it is the best protein and nutrition you can consume especially in the time of the pandemic," said Maretha van der Merwe from the Tshwane Meat forum.