Contralesa calls for tough measures to prevent initiation deaths

Initiation deaths are a concern every season. The Eastern Cape Initiation Bill is being reviewed by the provincial government to help prevent deaths and injuries of initiates and to ensure the compliance of traditional surgeons. #eNCA​ Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - The Congress of Traditional Leaders of South Africa is calling for tough measures to prevent the deaths of initiates.

It also wants traditional authorities to be given more powers to deal with initiation matters.

"We need to strengthen those laws in order to have proper regulations which closes ranks on any August initiation school or illegal surgeons," says Contralesa general-secretary, Zolani Mkiva.

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"When the law doesn't bite enough, it is important that we review it, amend it and strengthen it," he adds.

This is so that deaths at initiation schools can be prevented

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