eNCA election bus arrives in Orania

eNCA's Xoli Mngambi is there. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - The eNCA election bus has arrived in the town of Orania in the Northern Cape.

The eNCA team wants to find out what residents of the controversial town expect from this year's elections.

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The town is inhabited by only white Afrikaners, who aim to preserve their cultural heritage.

So, what are their expectations for this year's elections?

eNCA's Xoli Mngambi has more from the Nothern Cape town in the video above. Courtesy #DStv403

The eNCA Election Bus team outside Orania

Tuesday, 16 April - The eNCA team standing outside Orania, as part of the Election Bus drive around the country ahead of the 2019 Elections.


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