Cosatu to protest if the ANC does not remove e-tolls

If the ANC continues to zig-zag on e-tolls, it will be punished at the 2021 elections. This is the warning from Cosatu. It's promising to mobilise Gauteng residents. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - Cosatu is planning to take the fight against e-tolls public.

It has begun to mobilize Gauteng residents in the case that the ANC does not remove e-tolls. 

The intended strike will include the barricading of all the toll roads in Gauteng. 

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"These roads are not provincial roads, they're national. The national government must come to the party," said Cosatu Gauteng chairperson, Amos Monyela. 

"If the ANC continues to Zig-Zag around e-tolls, it will be punished in the 2021 elections".

Monyela said the Minister of Transport, Fikile Mbalula did not consult with Cosatu over the matter.  

"They can not announce something if they have not consulted properly."

Earlier in the year, there seemed to be a shift in attitude from the ANC and they seemed to be making a turn away from e-tolls. However, it seems as though e-tolls are still on the horizon for Gauteng province.

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ANC has already shed 12-percent of votes in the previous election. 


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