Cosatu raises concerns over Public Works' budget

Matthew Parks the Deputy Parliamentary Coordinator at COSATU spoke with eNCA's business editor Devan Murugan. Courtesy of #DStv403


PARLIAMENT - Cosatu says it isn't impressed with Public Works receiving no increase, and the Finance Minister's silence on corruption and wasteful expenditure.

The union body says it's risky giving public servants no increases in order to save costs.

Matthew Parks was reacting to the maiden budget speech presented by Minister Enoch Godongwana.

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"It’s a big risk not to give the public workers a wage increase. These are nurses and teachers, police officers and wardens.

"If you do not give them a wage increase then at least protect their salaries from inflation from being this risk provoking of skilled public servants who will go the private sector who are paid better, who will go overseas.

"But I think we do welcome the minister who says they will engage with the unions of the collective bargaining councils," Parks said.

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"All the unions have been asking for is to respect collective bargaining.

"He has budgeted for an increase within the budget for over the next three years for public sectors to receive increases but it's below inflation, I think for us the bottom line is , you must give workers at least  an inflation increase but we think there’s a need for government to show some courage.

"Cut the exorbitant package we pay politicians and management. Have a single regime and a collective bargaining regime for the entire state.

"We can find a way to save costs but you cannot do it at the expense of throwing public workers under the bus, let's tackle the real issue in the fiscus which is corruption and wasteful expenditure.”


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