Cost of living | Households struggle to keep up with rising food prices

s everyone knows, the cost of food continues to rise. This is borne out by the July Household Affordability Index, compiled by the Pietermaritzburg Economic Justice and Dignity Group. The group says while we may start to see food prices stabilising, it is not clear when they might begin to fall. Let’s discuss this further with the group’s programme coordinator, Mervyn Abrahams.

JOHANNESBURG - Hunger is increasing at an alarming rate in South Africa as families are unable to afford food.

That's the word from the Pietermaritzburg Economic Justice and Dignity Group.

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Its July Household Affordability Index shows what we all know: That food prices are still on the rise.

What people earn is in no way keeping up.

"The issue around wages in South Africa is a difficult one. Historically wage levels have been really low," said Mervyn Abrahams.

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"So when we look at the national minimum wage of R3,600 and we look at the cost of the basket, you still won't be able to afford all 44 foods.

"Wages are extremely low. Wages are so low and households are not able to save," he said.

"Households are cutting back on a lot and we are seeing hunger increasing in South Africa at the moment."


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