COVID-19 fund: UIF shocked at big companies not paying workers

The unemployment insurance fund has appointed auditors to probe employers accused of taking payouts meant for workers. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - The Unemployment Insurance Fund has appointed auditors to probe employers accused of taking payouts meant for workers.

It says it has over 725,000 pending claims, due to a lack of documentation by employers.

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It has paid R21-billion to 3,6 million workers since April for the COVID-19 TERS relief payment.

“It is alleged that there are companies that have not paid the workers what is due to them. We are aware of some companies allegedly loaning employees the money and that is not legal. We are also aware of other companies that are allegedly paying part of the money and not the full amount, as well as companies using the money for something else other than the intended purpose. If this all these allegations are true, we appeal to companies to do the right thing still,” Minister of Employment and Labour Thulas Nxesi said in a statement.

Meanwhile, UIF Commissioner, Teboho Maruping said the UIF will audit the companies' books.

“We've added a clause that we are going to audit their books. We going to go into their bank account to confirm if money is supposed to go where it's supposed to go. If that has not happened, we may need to take them to court, we may even have to blacklist some of these employers or even take them to court to be imprisoned,” he said.

Maruping added that some big employers were not paying employees.

“What bothers us is the fact that you have a big employer who would able to do such a thing. It's unthinkable that someone will risk a brand name and do such a thing,” said Maruping.

He says the UIF will be introducing a fraud system where people can report these cases.

People can report employees who they suspect of fraud by calling the UIF's calls entre on 080003007

To check if your employer has been paid visit the UIF-Covid-19 Temporary Employee/Employers Relief Scheme here

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