COVID-19 in SA | Temporary COVID regulations on the cards

File: A healthcare worker preparing a Covid-19 vaccine. AFP/Christof Stache

JOHANNESBURG - Government may have to implement new interim regulations to manage Covid-19.

This as the debate over changes to the National Health Act rage on.

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Some say the changes are a violation of human rights.

The Health Department is hoping to have the amendments finalised by the 5th of May.

"Well obviously we would not like to go back to the National State of Disaster across the country and even at parts of the country so there have been hundreds of thousands of inputs that have been made, we have had a team of everyone that we could mobilise in the department working in the last few weeks on this and we are hoping that by the end of the weekend we would have a summary of all the inputs," he said.

Meanwhile, More than 6,500 new cases were recorded in South Africa on Saturday.


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