COVID-19: SAA to bring South Africans stuck abroad home

SAA is helping South Africans stuck in lockdown all over the world, to reunite with their family back home in South Africa. eNCA's Heidi Giokos is at the SAA headquarters in Kempton Park, to get an update of the entire process. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - Many South Africans stuck abroad are desperate to get back home.

South African Airways is undertaking repatriation flights to reunite people with their families and loved ones.

SAA spokesperson Tlali Tlali said seven flights are scheduled to repatriate South Africans in Germany and United States.

COVID-19: SAA to provide repatriation charter flights

“SAA received a lot of inquiries from foreign governments who were requesting us to provide a service in the form repatriation of foreign nationals to their respective home countries,” said Tlali Tlali.

He said SAA has operated 18 passenger flights all over the world and two charter flights.

Meanwhile, SAA is still operating its cargo department.

“To date, we have been able to transport a total of 334,000 kilograms of cargo and receive 184,000 kilograms cargo that was inbound. This morning there was yet another arrival of cargo that arrived from China that was bringing a number of supplies, including pharmaceutical supplies, medical supplies as well as COVID-19 test kits,” said Tlali Tlali.

South African Airways seems to be finding its wings. It's stepping up operations to repatriate South Africans stuck all over the world because of COVID-19. Courtesy #DStv403


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