Growing concerns over Gauteng's steep increase in COVID-19 cases

The Gauteng government is under pressure to tighten COVID-19 restrictions. Over 9,000 new cases have been reported in the last 24 hours across the country. Gauteng accounted for nearly 6,000 of those. The province is not only driving the figures, but it is also dealing with serious issues with several healthcare facilities. eNCA anchor Jane Dutton speaks to Professor Bruce Mellado, a Member of the Gauteng Premier's advisory committee on COVID-19. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - There are growing concerns over the steep increase in Gauteng's COVID-19 cases.

Over 9,000 new cases were reported within 24 hours this past weekend across the country.

Gauteng accounted for nearly 6,000 of those.

Professor Bruce Mellado says the situation in Gauteng is worrisome.

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"Gauteng is driving the number of positives, we have already five days in a row about 5,000 positives a day," he said.

"What is more worrying is the acceleration in the number of cases we are experiencing in the province in that we have an increase of 74% in respect to the previous week, up from 37% so it is certainly worrisome."

Meanwhile, the Gauteng government wants the province to have tighter lockdown restrictions.


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