COVID-19 in SA | Numolux says vaccine safe for children

Dr. Sanet Aspinall, Numolux Group virologist, spoke on the Sinovac vaccine's efficacy and regulation. Courtesy of #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - About 2,000 South African children will take place in a global vaccine trial, with the first child receiving the jab on Friday morning.

Until now, children from South Africa and other parts of the world were not eligible for any of the COVID-19 vaccines.

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Numolux says the vaccine is safe for children.

"Coronavac is a safe vaccine. The Coronavac vaccine is safe and it induces humoral immunity," said Dr Sanet Aspinal, the Numolux group virologist.

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"The vaccine has been tested in phase three trials in adults in Brazil, in Chile, in Indonesia and in the Philippines. It's been shown to be very effective in these studies ranging from 51 percent in a healthcare population, to 93 percent in the Turkish and Indonesian populations and 87 percent in Chile.

"The vaccine has received emergency use approval in our country as well that happened on 1 July."

"It is a safe vaccine," she said.


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