WATCH | COVID-19 Vaccine | Pfizer jab side effects rare - analyst

If we read the package inserts of many of the common pills we use, we may think twice about taking them. There are concerns about a report on the side effects of Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine. Health expert, Dr. Fundile Nyati spoke with eNCA's Gareth Edwards to explain the side effects. Courtesy of #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - Only 1 percent of the over 1,000 side effects of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine is serious.

And even that 1 percent rarely occurs, according to health expert, Dr Fundile Nyati.

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He says the panic around the Pfizer report is unfounded.

Dr Nyati says the vaccine has side effects like all other medications.

"What's important is for us to know very rare and serious side effects that can be deadly," Nyati said.

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"Here the list of over a thousand side effects is worrying people but the CDC says 92 percent of side effects were so mild there was no issue and only 1 percent that are serious and need serious attention.

"So it's a small percentage of very rare side effects but for an ordinary person it's something scary. I was looking at how [the] list came about and it's not all side effects that happened but were anticipated to happen based on stuff picked up during human trial and after surveillance that was reported in the US."


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