Cape Town refugees refuse to accept assistance

They're now without sufficient food and medical care, but are still demanding permanent resettlement outside South Africa. #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - Hundreds of refugees living at the Central Methodist Mission in Cape Town, are now refusing to accept assistance.

They're without sufficient food and medical care but are still demanding permanent resettlement outside South Africa.

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This comes after a chaotic standoff between refugees and police outside the UN's offices a few weeks ago.

One person is making decisions for the refugees housed at the Methodist Church and he's snubbed Gift of the Givers in its efforts to provide help.

Instead, the organisation is seen as the enemy.

250 foreign nationals have been accommodated there for 10 days and are demanding to be sent to a country of their choice.

“We know our rights as the refugees, just because they are giving us food they think they can say such stupid things. The Gift of the givers think it’s realistic for us to die here, that is why we said to them, you not on our side we need you to move with your food,” said self-proclaimed leader of the Cape Town refugees, Papy Sukami.

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The Gift of the Givers' Badr Kazi says he stands by the organisation's statement that the refugees' demands are unrealistic.

Meanwhile, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees says it only assists with individual cases.