'Culture of silence' persists at Parktown Boys High

JOHANNESBURG - A new report into sexual misconduct by teachers at Parktown Boys’ High School reveals more teachers than initially thought, are implicated. 

A former water polo coach is currently on trial after he was caught on camera allegedly fondling a 15-year-old.

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The charges range from rape, sexual assault, attempted murder, showing pornography to minors and sexual grooming.

The independent report was commissioned after parents were unhappy with the contents of a previous report. 

This new report contests several finding made by the first one.

It also reveals that a culture of silence continues to persist at the school.

Initiations also continue.

The Gauteng Education Department has promised action against perpetrators. 

The newly-appointed principal says the school is now embarked on a healing process, saying the school has introduced an anonymous app where children can report areas of concern.

Meanwhile, the former polo teacher and dorm master has already admitted guilt to 144 charges of sexual assault. 

Pupils have testified that the 22-year-old would wrestle, choke and force them watch porn and fondle their genitals. 

He still faces 183 charges, which the state would need evidence for in order for him to be charged.