DA concerned energy crisis committee will be all talk

Kevin Mileham, the DA's spokesperson on Mineral Resources and Energy.

JOHANNESBURG - The DA is worried the national energy crisis committee is going to be just another talk shop.

Kevin Mileham, the party's spokesperson on Mineral Resources and Energy, says the DA will hold the committee to its promises.

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"Another committee, another talk show, and while we believe that the president has finally seen the light as far as the crisis is concerned."

"This committee which contains a cross-section of ministers who have failed over the years to deal with this crisis needs to be held accountable and unfortunately the presidency is not held accountable by Parliament," Mileham said.

"We are going to be writing [Tuesday] to the Speaker of Parliament calling for an ad-hoc committee to be established to hold this particular committee to account, to provide oversight on this committee, to make sure it hits its milestones, that it says it's going to deliver on what it says it's going to deliver."


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