DA: Fine MPs who fail to answer questions in Parliament

DA Chief Whip Natasha Mazzone spoke with eNCA's Faith Mangope. Courtesy of #DStv403

CAPE TOWN - The DA wants Parliament to fine ministers who fail to answer questions from MPs.

The rules committee has agreed to a reprimand, but the jury's still out on whether that punishment can be monetary.

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DA chief whip Natasha Mazzone says ministers must be held accountable.

"The DA has been complaining about this for a while and it's been a problem for a while that these questions remain unanswered and we've decided to firmly put our foot down and the rules committee agreed with us," Mazzone said.

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"Ministers have an obligation to give... true reflections and true answers to the questions that are asked and if they don't answer, we strongly feel that a monetary amount should be fined to them.

"I think the appropriate sanction should be R1,000 per question and R1,000 per day that the question isn't answered."

Mazzone said ministers earn a lot of money and an integral part of their work is answering questions.


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