DA drops race from redress policy

The Democratic Alliance is holding its policy conference this weekend. Some of the issues discussed include non-racialism, redress, diversity and freedom. DA head of policy Gwen Nwengya comments on the conference. Courtesy of #DStv403


JOHANNESBURG - The DA is hailing resolutions adopted on the first day of its policy conference as a shift away from apartheid policies.

The party says it's committed to an equitable future and opposes quotas based on race and gender.

The conference wraps up on Sunday.

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The DA continues with their call for a united South Africa, saying "each individual is unique and not a racial or gender envoy".

The party's manifesto encourages equal opportunities for all.

DA's head of policy Gwen Ngwenya said the issue of diversity remains critical within the organisation.

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"We absolutely bind ourselves and commit to the idea of diversity and that diversity means a variety of things.

"Diversity of experiences, of thought, of talent, of knowledge in an organisation, is so incredibly important.

"It's that diversity that acts as a bulwark against any kind of uniformity of thought and rigidness in an organisation. What you cannot do is reduce diversity to being a matter of demographic representativity and saying that there has to be a specific quota of each race in a particular organisation," she said.


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