DA's head of policy Gwen Ngwenya resigns

File: In a tweet, the DA's Gwen Ngwenya said she's opting to analyse policy and explore the tech world.

File: In a tweet, the DA's Gwen Ngwenya said she's opting to analyse policy and explore the tech world.


JOHANNESBURG - DA MP Gwen Ngwenya formally tendered her resignation from the party as head of policy.

Ngwenya stated her reasons in an explosive letter to party leader Mmusi Maimane, saying her job description had never been defined and she was not given the resources or access to do her work effectively.

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In the letter, Ngwenya said, "the resignation should not come as a surprise and you will be familiar with most of the reasons detailed below as they have been raised periodically since my appointment."

Ngwenya stated the terms of her employment were never met, namely "the policy unit would have the support of the leadership, be semi-independent and would be there to provide unfettered advice based on research to the party."

The MP also claims sufficient resources were not allocated to the policy unit and the unit was not given information relating to its position within the party.

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She stated that she was not included in national management committee meetings or federal executive council meetings to consult on policy and was made aware of campaign strategies too late.

Ngwenya detailed, "despite not being hired as a consultant to the party there is a pervasive attitude that I am somehow operating ‘outside’ of the party fuelled by an ever-present uncertainty, a wilful uncertainty, of where my mandate originates."

"Ultimately there are unreconciled (and perhaps irreconcilable) differences both of principle and of how to run a policy process."

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The MP said, "The bottom line is that I do not believe the DA takes policy seriously; and as a result, there has not been the operational or political resources necessary to result in a policy outcome I can be proud to be associated with."

Ngwenya has stated she will continue her duties as a member of Parliament but will no longer serve as the face of public policy.