Van Damme punches alleged racist 'in self-defence'

DA MP Phumzile van Damme.

DA MP Phumzile van Damme.


JOHANNESBURG - Democratic Alliance MP Phumzile Van Damme took to Twitter to share details of an alleged racist incident at the V&A Waterfront which ended in her punching a man in the head 'in self-defence.'

In a series of tweets, Van Damme shared details of a confrontation she encountered with a white family while she was standing in a queue at a supermarket.

After walking out of the premises Van Damme confronted the mother of the family on why she was looking at her in a threatening manner, to which she responded and said, "it's because you're black."

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After a few words were exchanged Van Damme said she punched the young man in the head after he came into her space and allegedly said "v*****k you black."

Van Damme also accused V&A Management of letting the family go after she reported the incident.

"Management of @VandAWaterfront if you’re going to allow racism & racists on your premisis, please announce it to all. I will not stand for anyone’s racism towards me or anyone. And don’t send me some PR clichéd response either, ACTION", read the tweet.

V&A Waterfront management has issued an apology to Van Damme following the incident.

"The Management of the V&A Waterfront unreservedly apologises to Ms@zilevandamme for the treatment she received in an interaction with our security manager who intervened during an unpleasant altercation she had with a family of visitors on our property earlier today."