DA's policy conference begins with race relations high on agenda

DA's head of policy says disadvantage can be more clearly defined, than by race at the DA's virtual policy conference this weekend. Courtesy of #DStv40

JOHANNESBURG - The question of race relations has featured prominently at the DA virtual policy conference on the weekend.

The first day of the virtual conference involved the discussion, adoption and voting on draft values and principles of the party.

The meeting follows the resignations of the party's key black leaders in Gauteng, and growing frustration among members about race and influence.

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The debate is about former leader Mmusi Maimane's legacy of introducing race-based redress to the party and trying to make it an official policy. 

The party tweeted its position adopted on the subject of diversity, "when embraced, diversity acts as a potential bulwark against discrimination, uniformity of thought and closed thinking."

The DA's head of policy says disadvantage can be more clearly defined, than by race.  

DA policy head Gwen Ngwenya said, "I don't want to leave it at saying, okay you're black. I need to know more about your situation. That's where those other indicators of disadvantage are so important because it can tell us, okay, many people suffer from malnutrition. So many children end up being stunted, before the age of 5. So we need to address stunting in particular."

She said the party will also table its alternative to government's controversial triple BEE policy.  

"There are a number of international companies that do report on the alignment of their business model and practices, with SDGS. And that's the approach that we would be looking to take. That in procuring with companies, should there be a tie or companies that provide and equally good service, that we would consider the SDG contributions of companies that we do business with."

The policy conference will run for two days with 200 delegates, who won't be allowed to raise any new proposals during the meeting.  


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