DAY 1: Zuma's testimony at state capture inquiry

Let's wrap the day's testimony with my colleague, Xoli Mngambi, in Parktown. #DStv403


JOHANNESBURG - Former president Jacob Zuma dropped bombshells at the Zondo commission on Monday.

He maintained his innocence throughout his testimony at the state capture inquiry.

The Waterkloof landing was once again under the spotlight, with Zuma saying he was never asked if the Gupta family could land at the airforce base.

“I knew they were going to land but didn't know where. I never did anything to break the law with the Gupta family.”

Even though the Guptas have been described as friends of Zuma, he claims he and the family have done nothing wrong.

The former president then dropped a bombshell, calling former minister Ngoako Ramatlhodi, who implicated Zuma, a spy.

“He was recruited when he was a student in Lesotho to be a spy.”

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Zuma also claimed he faced several attempts on his life, from poisoning to suicide bombers and has remained quiet for years, but is finally ready to speak out.

“It involved people brought from outside the country… suicide bombers."

"This conspiracy against me has been stretched at all material times when things are to be done or said and that's why the character assassination began. They had a plan to begin in 1990, a process of character assassination of Zuma. If I can tell you the details of the plan to kill me in Durban, was detailed, detailed, it involved people brought from outside of the country. I've been vilified, alleged to be the King of corrupt people. The question I ask them, these people who participate in it, where do they get the idea that Zuma must be put down, who instructs them?"

Zuma also denied instructing former GCIS head Themba Maseko to help the Guptas.

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Maseko had told the Zondo commission the then president called him and asked him to assist the family.

But Zuma says he cannot remember that call.

"I'm not sure. I don't remember...I don't think there was something out of the ordinary whether there was a call or not."

Former Mineral Resources Minister, Ngoako Ramatlhodi denied Zuma's claim that he was an apartheid government spy. 

Ramatlhodi says Zuma himself is a spy.

Zuma told the Zondo Commission that Ramatlhodi, who accused Zuma of auctioning the country to the Gupta family, was an apartheid spy.

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"What made Ngoako behave the way he did here, saying we have auctioned the country, in the NEC I just do what I like, He's carrying out an instruction. He was recruited when he was a student in Lesotho to be a spy."

Ramatlhodi says he's willing to take a lie detector test and wants Zuma to do the same.

Ramatlhodi directly implicated Zuma in state capture during his testimony. 

Zuma also added that former SANDF chief Siphiwe Nyanda, took instruction from apartheid police to protect a spy that was trained to infiltrate the ANC in exile.

According to Zuma, the incident happened after an alleged spy named Ralph was arrested by Swazi police.

"In the morning he was detained by the Swazis, then a few days after detention, Swazis and SAP wanted to release him. They did something and asked somebody when he comes out after arrest to hug him as they greet. That hug was important because it would be saying he's innocent and that nobody is angry for him. The information was, that hug was arranged by the police and somebody who hugged him had been given instruction to do so and that was general SiphiweNyanda."

Zuma is expected to resume testimony on Tuesday.


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