DBE: Matrics won't have to rewrite leaked exam papers

There will be no re-write of matric exams that were leaked. The Basic Education Department has released a statement saying it's noted yesterday’s court judgment but it will challenge some aspects of the ruling. For more, Morena Mothupi spoke to department spokesperson, Elijah Mhlanga. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - The Basic Education Department says there won't be a rewrite next week but it will be challenging parts of the judgment.

The department released a statement saying it will challenge some aspects of the judgment which they say cannot be left unchallenged.

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The High Court in Pretoria on Friday set aside a decision to have Grade 12's rewrite the second papers for Maths and Physical Science.

This comes after it was discovered that the papers had been leaked.

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The court also found the decision by the Basic Education department to rewrite leaked papers unlawful and irregular.

Afriforum, Sadtu, and others took the Basic Education Department to court to challenge the rewrite.  

For more details on this story, watch the video above.


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