De Lille vows to come after people who tarnished her name

CAPE TOWN - Patricia de Lille says she'll be going after councillors who've tarnished her name.

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In her final speech as mayor, De Lille threatened to take legal action against those she accuses of a smear campaign against her.

A Bowman forensic report accuses her of maladministration and of interfering in administrative business.

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De Lille said, "I have been fighting corruption all my life and I will not allow anybody to smear my name."

"I will not break. I will not give in to these attacks.

"Public representatives have gone so far to spread false reports about me," she said.

"I will soon lay criminal charges against those members that shared these fake new on social media.

"I hope those responsible will be brought to one is above the law...not our own political power interest."