Demawusa alleges corruption at Metrobus

Demawusa is claiming there's corruption at Metrobus and wants an investigation. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - Demawusa is claiming there's corruption at Metrobus and wants an investigation.

Commuters that rely on Metrobus were stranded on Monday morning when bus drivers from the minority union embarked on a strike.

The union has raised several concerns, including wage disparities and unfair dismissals.

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"How can it be, in a city entity, for there to be different pay levels," asked Demawusa Acting General-Secretary, Stephen Faulkner.

"Sadly, this entity which should be serving our communities has been distracted from the work it should be doing by those who wish to exploit their positions inside the entity for nefarious reasons.

"I'm talking here about corruption."

Meanwhile, Metrobus claims Demawusa is holding the city at ransom.

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The bus company says it's not in negotiations with the union.

It's calling on commuters to continue making alternative arrangements until the issue is resolved.


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