Didiza calls for generational, gender mix in reduced Cabinet

The African National Congress has ascended to victory yet again despite its worst-ever result. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG – ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa now faces the challenge of delivering on one of his election promises.

Ramaphosa has promised to cut the size of the national executive.

The fifth parliament was made up of 30 ministers and 37 deputies.

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ANC NEC member Thoko Didiza says she would like to see a generational mix and more women in the next cabinet.

“The principle of having a leaner cabinet, that has been agreed,” said Didiza who was speaking on The Fix.

“Obviously the president in consultation will reflect on what ministries he can pull together and whether in all ministries you might need to have deputy ministers or not. Those are the debates that will ensue as the president reflects on the structure of government.

“As the president of the ANC also he will do the necessary consultation but as women and maybe speaking for the younger generation we would like to see an inter-generation in that cabinet and women who are in the majority.”

An economic revival may be the least of Ramaphosa’s problems as he navigates a political minefield in his own party. Courtesy #DStv403

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However political analyst Aubrey Matshiqi is cautioning South Africans not to expect a drastic reduction of cabinet ministers.

Matshiqi said Ramaphosa doesn't have too much room to maneuver.

“If we are lucky then we are going to get about six cabinet posts less which is not enough,” Matshiqi said.

“He is going to sell us this dummy precisely because there is an extent to which he himself has a patronage part, which he must use to expand patronage to both his supporters and opponents in the ANC.”