Diepsloot leaders accuse Nhlanhla Lux of hijacking their protest

Diepsloot community leaders spoke out against Operation Dudula leader Nhlanhla Lux, saying they have their own representatives after he addressed crowds. eNCA senior reporter Aviwe Mtila was on the scene to speak with residents.

JOHANNESBURG - Community leaders in Diepsloot have accused Operation Dudula leader, Nhlanhla ‘Lux’ Mohlauli, of trying to hijack their protest.

Mohlauli visited the area on Wednesday afternoon following protests over rampant crime.

The Police Minister and National Commissioner were also in the area and have vowed to increase the police presence to stamp out crime.

Operation Dudula is an anti-foreigner campaign that blames undocumented migrants for all crimes.

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Community leader Andrew Malaka said, "Nhlanhla Lux is confusing the community because he's coming from Soweto here to check what the community is doing."

"I think he's seen it in one of the, on the news, then he take that advantage to come here and check what we've agreed with the community. So this is what I call him a hijacker because from yesterday [Tuesday] he was not here, from today [Wednesday] in the morning he was not here. He came today after he's seen on the news. He wanted to hijack, to be popular with this thing."

"This thing is for community, not for anyone. So he hijacked what the people of Diepsloot are fighting for. We are not fighting for anything beside the service delivery in Diepsloot."


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