Doha Debates preview: Is water a human right or a human privilege?

Water scarcity is a worrying reality, a fact South Africans are well aware of, and the topic is under the spotlight at the Doha Debates in Cape Town. Courtesy of #DSTV403

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JOHANNESBURG - Ahead of the Doha Debate on Tuesday night, correspondent Nelufar Hedayat says she's most looking forward to engaging with students attending the session. 

"The students are the people who will be leading Africa through these trying times. We all know that water scarcity affects the world's poor, the world's developing countries and these young people are the leaders that are going to be solving these issues. And so I want to hear from them."

Hedayat says she has been following the water crisis situation globally for over three years. 

"I've been to Peru, I've been to the Andes mountains, to California in America which itself is suffering from it. But nowhere as acutely as when day 0 nearly reached Cape Town." 

She said the debate would look at what can done done about the crisis. 

"But what I want to focus on, is is water a human right or a human privilege and if it's a human right, why oh why are we privatising it to the levels that we are?" 


Doha Debates

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