Dudu Myeni denies meeting Airbus

JOHANNESBURG - Former SAA board chair Dudu Myeni claims she did not secretly meet with service providers about the Airbus deal.

Myeni has been cross-examined for the third day by Outa and the SAA Pilots' Association.

They are seeking to have her declared a delinquent director.

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Myeni says she did meet the deadline of December 2015 that was set out by then Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan to go ahead with the Airbus deal.

There was immense pressure for SAA to proceed with it or there would be consequences.

National Treasury has testified that because Myeni did not meet the deadline, it had to work through the night and beg Airbus not to pull out.

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Airbus had given SAA months to make a final decision.

Myeni also claims a memorandum, which shows how she -- as chair -- suggested a service provider for a deal, is sinister and suspicious.

Myeni will continue to be cross-examined on Wednesday.