Durban hotel waiter tipped 5k, shares with colleagues

JOHANNESBURG - waiter at a Durban hotel could not believe his luck when he was tipped R5,000.

Instead of pocketing the money for himself, he shared it with his colleagues.

Murphy Nyengele's excellent service always comes with a smile.

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That’s exactly what impressed the hotel guests from Johannesburg who gave him the massive tip.

The 26-year old says he was very surprised because he was just doing his job.

“I gave the services that I normally give to any other guests but the person that I was serving was a little bit touched of the way I was treating him and he spoke about it and I didn't expect the tip that he wanted to give me and it just happened that he gave me R5000.”

Nyengele's colleagues say they're not only benefiting from Nyengele's generosity, but they're also learning from him.

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