WATCH: The footage that got eNCA reporter into trouble with police

eNCA reporter Siphamandla Goge was filmed being manhandled by police. Courtesy #DStv403

DURBAN – eNCA reporter Siphamandla Goge was manhandled by police outside the Durban City Hall on Thursday morning.

A scuffle took place in the area where supporters of embattled eThekwini Mayor Zandile Gumede and police clashed.

According to Goge, the situation escalated when he refused to delete footage.

“I was filming a man who was down and police were trying to arrest him, he was resisting the arrest and they were pressing him down,” Goge said.

“I filmed that and they said I can’t film that," said Goge. 

“This is a public road, this is a public place, this is not a private place, and we are allowed to film because we are working. They said they we will arrest me.

"They tried to confiscate my phone, they wanted me to delete that footage.

"I said will not delete that footage, I had to throw my phone to my colleagues to keep it while I was being arrested.”

Goge said fellow journalists were taken away police.