Durban Port needs R100bn over 10 years

President Cyril Ramaphosa led an oversight visit to the Port of Durban to assess progress made in enhancing the efficiency and competitiveness of the port.


PRETORIA- President Cyril Ramaphosa says the Durban Port will require R100-billion in new investment over the next ten years.

He says in his weekly newsletter that there's been progress in reducing congestion at the port.

Accessible and affordable port services are among the main pillars of the president's economic recovery and reconstruction plan.

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He visited the port last week to check on progress on commitments made in 2019 to restore the port to its position as a first in Africa.

The Durban Port has now slipped to position number three behind Tunisia and Egypt.

For years, importers and exporters have been complaining about congestion, slow turnaround times and poor maintenance at the port.


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