An Eastern Cape woman buried for a second time

An Eastern Cape family buried the wrong person last week. They didn't realise until the mortuary called them to find out when they were collecting the body of their loved one. On Wednesday, the family finally buried Nomawethu Mbishi, who passed away at a local hospital at the beginning of July. Courtesy #DStv403

EAST LONDON - The family of the late Nomawethu Mbishi had to bury the woman for the second time on Wednesday after the wrong body was released to be buried. 

Mbishi died at Frere Hospital on 6 July after two days of hospital care.

COVID-19: Funeral homes running out of room

56-year-old Mbishi's death was initially reported to the family to be a result of COVID-19 and they were not allowed to view the body.

Her COVID-19 test results came back on 9 July indicating she did not have the virus.

After the family laid one person to rest in early July, they were informed the wrong woman had been buried.

The Eastern Cape Department of Health has apologised for the incident.

Frere Hospital covered the costs of the second funeral.

The person who was buried in Mbishi's place was identified as a resident of Duncan Village. 

The Department of Health is waiting for a magistrate's order to exhume the body while they attempt to trace the family of the other deceased person.


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