EFF, ANC face tough questions in Polokwane

Welcome to the fifth eNCA’s pre-election Town Hall meetings, where for the next 90 minutes senior provincial politicians will be put through their paces. 

JOHANNESBURG - ANC Limpopo secretary Soviet Lekganyane has admitted the ANC's committed a lot of mistakes in the past few years.

Lekganyane and EFF provincial chairperson Jossey Buthane had tough time from the audience during the eNCA Town hall debate in Polokwane.

Lekhanyane said the ANC is working hard to correct them.

WATCH: eNCA Town Hall Debate - Polokwane

He was responding to a question from a student during the ANC Town hall debate. 

“We are saying they were mistakes and as the ANC we have seen those mistakes.

"We are making commitment and determination to eliminate those mistakes,” said Lekganyane.

Lekganyane admitted during today's debate that the ANC has committed a lot of mistakes in the past few years. But he says the party is working hard to correct its mistakes. Courtesy #DStv403