EFF considering forensic inquest against De Klerk

EFF during President Cyril Ramaphosa Q&A August 2019

File: EFF says De Klerk is "refusing to take responsibility for the crime that apartheid was".

eNCA / Lindsay Dentlinger

JOHANNESBURG - The EFF says it'll explore all legal avenues to reopen a forensic inquest against former president FW de Klerk.

This after De Klerk said there was never a crime against humanity under apartheid, and that many people died in black-on-black violence.

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In an interview with eNCA's Ayesha Ismail, De Klerk said he had no regrets about his presidency.

He said it’s a fallacy that he didn't apologise for the wrongs of apartheid.

“Apartheid was wrong, apartheid was morally unjustifiable,” he said.

EFF is accusing De Klerk of "refusing to take responsibility for the crime that apartheid was".

On Thursday, EFF Members of Parliament called for the removal of De Klerk from the State of the Nation Address.

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The party has called on government, Parliament and "all peace loving South Africans to isolate De Klerk and all apartheid apologists".