EFF objects to FW de Klerk at Sona 2020

CAPE TOWN - EFF Members of Parliament have called for the removal of apartheid-era president FW de Klerk from the State of the Nation Address on Thursday.

"Honourable Speaker, we have a murderer in the house," EFF leader Julius Malema said in reference to De Klerk.

Malema and several other EFF MPs objected to the presence of the former president on the basis of a recent interview he held where they said statements he made revealed him as an apartheid apologist.

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De Klerk made statements during an interview with eNCA's Ayesha Ismail to the effect that he had no regrets about his presidency.

During the same interview, he said it’s a fallacy that he didn't apologise for the wrongs of apartheid.

“Apartheid was wrong apartheid, was morally unjustifiable,” he said.