EFF members' public violence case postponed

CAPE TOWN - Eight EFF members accused of public violence in Brackenfell last week have been released on a warning.

That's until their next court appearance.

Protesters clashed with police on Friday during demonstrations against alleged racism.

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The party said its members were unfairly arrested.


EFF members accused of inciting public violence in Brackenfell have been released. Courtesy of #DStv403

EFF regional secretary Bamzi Dambuza said, "we issue out a clear position. Fighters of the EFF got arrested walking back to their busses. Being shot at by SAPS for no good reason and as they were being shot they knew, that they needed to go back to their busses and make sure they are safe."

"SAPS needed to just arrest someone for the sake of making sure that when they are answering to their masters, they have a report of some sort."

The City of Cape Town said it plans to take civil action against the party to recover the cost of damages.

Watch the videos above for more details.


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