EFF responds to claims it's responsible for restaurant closure

JOHANNESBURG – The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has responded to allegations it is responsible for the 29 jobs lost at The Smokehouse and Grill restaurant.

On Sunday, the restaurant said the actions of the Economic Freedom Fighters further compounded bad trading conditions and the restaurant has been forced to close its doors, resulting in the loss of 29 jobs.

This follows the reaction to the racism scandal involving Adam Catzavelos who publicly boasted about being at a beach where not a single black person was in sight.

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EFF Jhb Ward 60 chairperson Cassius Mabunda said the "stunt" by Smokehouse is a clear example of how "those who control our country's economy would rather sacrifice jobs instead of dealing with white racism".

"The sacrifice of jobs is an act of arrogance, recklessness and a violent refusal to confront racism by Smokehouse," said Mabunda.

Mabunda said the attempt to shift the blame to the branch is embedded in "the white racist culture" that "victims of racism must accept or tolerate racism in return for jobs".




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