The effects of drug addiction

Yusuf Abramjee sits down with Salama Michaels whose 3 sons are currently addicted to drugs.

MITCHELLS PLAIN - The mother of three sons who are currently addicted to drugs, blames dealers.

Salama Micheals from East Ridge sat down with Yusuf Abramjee on Wednesday.

She said three of her four sons are addicted to drugs.

Micheals says drug dealers are killing the 'future leaders' in society.

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"The drug merchants, they are the killers in society. Our children are dying and they know that is our future leaders of tomorrow.

"So they are there, cashing up their money, sending their children to private schools and here our children are crippling us," said Micheals.

Micheals says the government needs to administer the death sentence to drug dealers.