Egypt bomb blast victims back in SA, 4 remain in Cairo

The 28 South African tourists caught in the Egypt bus bombing yesterday are back in Johannesburg. Four remain in Cairo, three of them in hospital. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - A group of South African tourists, who survived a bomb attack in Egypt, have arrived on home soil.

Three are still in hospital and should arrive back in the country later this week. 

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The blast occurred near the world-famous Giza pyramids, as a bus carrying 28 South African tourists was passing.

Despite this, the International Relations Department is urging the country to continue supporting tourism in Egypt. 

24 of them returned home on Monday, bringing with them, a sense of relief. 

Just December last year - three Vietnamese tourists and a local tour guide were killed after a roadside bomb hit their bus in the same area in Egypt. 
"I am feeling great, I am safely home yeah and I thank God that I am here – I am relaxing with my family – thank you”, said one explosion survivor.

 The International Relations Department is calling for cool heads to prevail.
“This is an isolated incident – this doesn’t happen all the time and we are confident the law enforcement in Egypt is on top of the situation.

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South Africans should continue to go and be cautious when they are there -  but generally, it is a safe place as a tourists destination – unless law enforcement agencies who are working on this issue make other recommendations", said DIRCO spokesperson, Ndivhuwo Mabaya, Ndivhuwo Mabaya.
It's not clear who's behind the attack.

But security will be top of mind as Egypt is getting ready to host the Africa Cup of Nations next month.